Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Mushers Finish the Quest

First, let me apologize for any delays in posting.  I'm back on the job and unfortunately must rely on a very slow dial-up connection to do personal things on the Internet.   I work at the only site on this project that does not provide high speed, wireless Internet in the living quarters.  There are plans in the works to upgrade, but they are very low priority compared to many other projects that are also planned or in progress.

As of this morning, the Top - 8 Yukon Quest mushers have crossed the finish line at Whitehorse.  Of course Hugh Neff won the race, followed very closely, literally within seconds, by my friend Allen Moore.  I couldn't be more proud of both men. 

Lance Mackey arrived in third place,  which is always a respectable showing.  We've become so accustomed to Lance winning these races that we sometimes forget that there are other equally qualified teams with equally talented dogs out on these long distance race trails. 

Jake Berkowitz's fourth place finish establishes him as 'one to watch' in future events.  He's been an excellent middle-distance racer and this finish proves he has what it takes to be highly competitive in long distance races as well. 

Brent Sass came in fifth, Joar Ulsum sixth, and 62 year old Sonny Lindner proved that age is no barrier in this sport by placing a very respectable seventh.  Abbie West brought her very young team into Whitehorse in eighth place.  Still out on the trail we can expect Kristy Berington and Dave Dalton to finish in 9th and 10th. 

Meanwhile, at the back of the pack it appears that Michael Telpin is still trucking along with all 8 of his traditional Chukchi dogs, and though he still has far to travel it is likely he will extinguish the red lantern. 

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