Sunday, March 4, 2012

Puppy Play Time

Animosh and Chetan came in to play with their buddies Shadow and Maggie.  Here are a few photos of the girls on their 15th week birthday.


Chetan (left) and Animosh - "Is there food?"


A Tale of Tails (or A Tail of Tales??)
Trish and I took a team of 8 out to the ponds and back.  There were very few incidents or mishaps, but the highlight of the run was 2 different distractions the dogs had to run past.  They did a pretty darned good job of it, too.  Here's a video clip of the action.


  1. Thank you for posting the puppy pictures and the video.
    You told he dogs "gee", does that mean go right? Do you also tell them "haw" like the old farmers do to the mules?
    Thank you,
    Mrs Updikes history class

  2. Yes, we use the cue "gee" to ask the team to turn right, the cue "haw" to turn left, and "whoa" to ask them to stop.

    You can learn more about the cues we use to direct the dogs from a video I made last year at

  3. Love the puppy pictures,Swanny, as well as the video - the team was behaving so well for you. Well trained, eh?