Monday, June 25, 2012

Today's Labors.

Yesterday I fetched my auction purchases home, and little time remained for much else.  Today, with my Jeff's help, I got quite a bit done toward the kennel renovation project.

At this step, we are starting to move the main row of pens back into the trees.  The first of these, the easternmost, is the most difficult because it required a lot of landscaping to level the area enough to install the chain link panels in a way that thwarts the dog's attempts to dig, climb or jump out.  In the low side of the site we had to do serious ditching through thick spruce roots.  On the upper side we had to add and compact fill material.  Most the peripheral base required concrete paving bricks to prevent the dogs from digging near the fence.

Here are some photos showing the day's results.

Side view at start of the day

Side view this evening

Oblique view this morning
Oblique view this evening

Animosh and Beau checking out their new 'digs'

The rest of the site is more level that was the site for this pen, so I expect to make faster progress over the next couple of days.

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