Saturday, August 18, 2012

BZ Dayz

I've been keeping myself pretty busy since the start of my R&R on Tuesday.  The first major accomplishment was to clean out and reorganize my garage.  It's been a terrible mess for years, but now everything is in it's proper place and I even have space in which to work.

On Friday, I went to town to run some errands.  After buying some supplies from the local John Deere dealership I passed by a moving company warehouse, and spied some really useful materials next to the curb.  I stopped in to ask about salvage, and was told to take all I wanted - anything along the street, for free.  I headed home to fetch the truck and trailer and returned straightaway.

When the military moves families, the contractors pack their household goods into large plywood crates, about 8 feet long, 7 feet tall, and just shy of four feet wide.  Each of these crates contains the equivalent of roughly 6 or 7 sheets of plywood, plus some 2 X 4s.  Just this one crate will provide all the materials I need to refurbish some of the dog houses here that need some work.

7 sheets of plywood and some 2X4s for the price of a little bit of diesel fuel.
Today Jeff and I butchered some of our chickens, but tomorrow we will go into town to see if some more of these crates are available.  Jeff's first thought when he saw this was to convert one into a shower house for his handler's cabin, and I'm thinking that a crate with some additional framing to add strength, and maybe a pre-hung external door from Lowe's or Home Despot might make a pretty decent dog food storage shed. 

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