Friday, September 21, 2012

A $200.00 Storage Building

I've done as much to convert a shipping crate into a dog food storage shed as can be done before next break-up, when it again becomes warm enough to paint.  It wasn't a terribly difficult project, only requiring a couple of days of dedicated effort.

I started out with a salvaged storage crate from a local moving company. 

Shipping crate, still on the trailer.

I purchased an inexpensive pre-hung exterior door, a lock set and some lumber from Home Depot for about $200.00.  The next major step was to add some framing to the opening and install the door.
Door framed into shipping crate.
With my handler's assistance, we moved the partially completed shed into place against the new pole barn.  I then installed some internal framing to stiffen the crate, braced the flat roof so it wouldn't sag, and shimmed the door so it would swing freely.

I cut some of the material salvaged from another crate to close in the opening beside the door, installed the locks, and now all that remains is are a few finishing touches, and a couple of coats of paint.

New food storage shed in place.
I may install some hooks along the left wall, toward the latch side of the crate.  That will put a bit of wasted space (because the door swings inward) to use.  Come breakup I may change the roof on the building so it can more easily shed snow, but for now I'm confident I can store dog food inside, and keep the vermin, particularly voles, out. 

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