Sunday, September 16, 2012

One more strike through

I'm still making good progress down my "honey do" list.  Today's project was to empty my chest freezer, move it up the stairs to the sheltered storage bay over the top of the garage, and of course put most of that stuff back in it. 

The freezer sometimes becomes something of a mystery as I collect donated fish, meat scraps from hunters butchering their kill, pretty much anything that I can use to supplement the dogs' diets.  Sometimes there is even a little bit of human food in there. 

The goal of this project was twofold.  I wanted to make a bit more room in the garage, and I want to be able to unplug the freezer when the weather turns truly cold to save a bit on my electrical bills during winter, when the cost of electrical power hits particularly hard.  I hadn't really given much thought to a third advantage to doing the task - I now know exactly what and how much is in the big box. 

I'm in pretty good shape for fish, and I think I have plenty of moose scraps to make up some really good snacks and meals for the teams.  Since the moose scraps were in big trash bags, I need to thaw them enough to work with.  I'll probably grind it up to make 'moose balls' to feed on the trail or to use for baiting water during freezing weather.  That seems to be the most efficient way to feed that stuff. 

I also found a fair amount of suet, which I think I'll render down and add to the ground meat to give those snacks a bit of an added boost. 

So, doing one item on the list led to adding a couple of more.  That's often these things go.  I still have plenty of time left in this R&R, and only a couple more items on the list that have yet to be accomplished.

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  1. Always enjoy your blog comments - you present a real idea of how life is going for you and the team.