Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Job for Little Dogs

Yesterday I ran most of the larger dogs in my kennel, so today it was time for the smaller ones to have some fun.  To give a comparison, the combined weight of yesterday's team was about 480 lb., for an average weight of 59.8 lb. per dog.  The combined weight of today's team is 415 lb. for an average of only 52 lb. per dog.

We made first tracks on most of the trails we followed today, so were breaking out between 2 to 4 inches of snow throughout our run, a bit more than I actually realized had fallen.  Had I known we'd be breaking out so much trail I would have chosen my toboggan sled rather than my basket "traveling" sled.

They had to work really hard today, but they gave me a really nice, steady 10 mile run, just a bit shorter than yesterday's run, and came back into the yard looking really good.

Today's line-up was;

Just and Orion in lead
Vladimir and Animosh (yearlings) in swing
Amazing Grace and Selene in team
Denali and Cassiopeia in wheel.

Like yesterday, I enlisted Jeff's help to get everyone hooked up and launched.  That does indeed make the process go much more smoothly, although Orion did manage to chew another harness this morning.  I had forgotten to warn Jeff that Orion is a chewer (sigh).
Today's leaders were good at following their directional cues, especially considering that I changed up the route from previous runs.  Like yesterday's time, I asked them to travel a new trail or turn opposite directions than they are accustomed.

Vladimir and Animosh were both working consistently and well.  All four of my yearlings are pretty amazing on the gangline.  They are enthusiastic and hard working dogs.

Selene was tiring toward the end of the run, but hey, she's only 45 lb and she was working HARD up to that point. 

I didn't go quite so far as I took yesterday's team, because these dogs had to work harder than did the previous team.  They nonetheless got a good training run this afternoon, and I was really pleased with the results, especially considering the trail and snow conditions.

Here are some video clips of the (relatively) little dogs at work.

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  1. small dogs are proving they have the tenacity and ability to take on big jobs.