Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bad Tempered Dogs Today.

Here is the narrative from today's entry in my training journal.  It pretty much tells the story.  Other than displays of temper, it was a pretty good run with some nice training opportunities. 

Hook up went pretty good.  Grace and Chetan trying to fight during launch but settled their differences quickly.  Girls did a pretty good job leading overall.  Good with directional cues. 

We had head-on passes with a party of three times twice during the run.  The first team passed easily, but leaders in the second team not well at all.  This caused a bit of ball-up during the first encounter, during which Midnight and Orion decided it would be fun to fight.  Got them settled but Midnight badly tangled and leaders wanted to follow the other teams rather than line out.  It took a while to clear the tangles.

Second pass wasn't quite so bad, as it occurred on the lower pond, out in the open.  The first team went by without a hitch, but leaders on the second team balled up again.  At that point Chetan spooked, pushing Grace off the trail, then Cassie and Capella tried to turn right down a snowmachine track.  Got them line out in the proper direction, third team passed OK, and we were back on the move in reasonably short order without any fights or tangles.

Chetan was distracted quite a bit during the return trip, sniffing at stuff, rubbernecking, and generally being a puppy.  She probably isn't ready for a leader trial yet.

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