Monday, March 4, 2013

Buser Takes Lead in Iditarod

It's barely 3:30 a.m., not far off my usual wake-up time when I'm on the job.  Of couse, I'm up early to check out what's happening on the Iditarod trail. 

Martin Buser is apparently trying to take full advantage of his early (first place) starting position, and is already beyond the Finger Lake checkpoint, 105 miles into the race.  Apparently at Finger Lake he packed dog food, but no straw, hinting that he may be planning on running through to Rainy Pass.  That's a hell of a long run for the first day of the race, but Martin knows his dogs and knows this game.  As I noted earlier, the weather conditions would seem to favor his line of dogs.  He's clearly trying to take full advantage of the cooler night-time temperatures.  According to the GPS tracker, he is already beyond the notorious Happy River steps.

Thus far Martin is the only musher through Finger Lake.

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