Monday, March 18, 2013

Vladimir's Grand Adventure

Vladimir is on his way to Eureka for a family reunion with his Wild and Free mushing kin, and then onward to a mushing adventure north of the Brooks Range.  Vlad is from a breeding between Brent Sass' famous leader Silver, and Kyle Belleque's wonderful leader Juliet.  When I was offered an opportunity to bring Vlad to the Stardancer kennel I jumped at the chance.  Silver is famous for good reason, and that famous Silver courage, drive and intelligence could make for a really nice outcross for the Hedlund huskies. 

Vlad has a delightful temperament, he's a hard working little dog, but unfortunately for the Hedlunds, the key word is "little".  He's a great size and build for a racing dog, but just a bit small for the type of mushing I most enjoy.  Considerably smaller than we need for an outcross in the Hedlunds.  That noted, he is a darned good sled dog and though just a yearling he acts and performs like an older dog.  He's a really fun dog to run, copes well with anything and everything that happens on the trail, and is as serious as a 14 month old dog can be. 

When I received Dozer (now Thowra) from Brent, Brent had mentioned that he was needing smaller dogs for his racing kennel.  I described Vladimir to him, and tonight he came over to check him out.  Brent's first words to Vladimir were "I see your daddy in there."  Brent and Vlad seem to get along great, so Vladimir is heading over to meet some of his half brothers and sisters, some aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and soon will be heading to the north slope for a mushing adventure up there.  If he has as much fun as I think he will, he may well be destined for a career as a Wild and Free long distance racing dog.

I believe that the right dog goes to the right place at the right time, and Vladimir is the right dog for a racing team, rather than a recreational traveling and camping team.  There are only two people on the entire planet I would be willing to place young Vladimir with.  His original breeder, Kyle Belleque, and the owner of his sire, Brent Sass.  They understand him and appreciate him for who he is.

Of course there is one stipulation.  If for any reason in the future Vlad needs a home then he is to come right back here to the Stardancer yard.  I'm pretty sure that won't be happening very soon.

Vladimir checking out Brent Sass

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  1. OK, I am happier now. I don't think anything else would have settled as well. Assuming he assimilates, I think he will have fun with Wild & Free! Good on ya' Swanny!