Sunday, May 26, 2013

Greenup is Happening

Only a week ago I awakened to 2 inches of snow in the dog yard, and the temperature never rose above 34 degrees.  Today I was swatting mosquitoes in temperatures a full 40 degrees warmer.  Here is the view on the 18th -

May 18th
And here is the view looking north from my job site, showing the first early signs of greenup.

May 26th, first signs of greenup
Last year I recorded the first signs of green-up on May 10th, so summer is easily 2 weeks later this year.  I must admit it has been a very long 2 weeks, too.

Did I mention I was swatting skeeters?  I also saw some of my favorite skeeter eaters.  The swallows have arrived and are doing their jobs, eating skeeters, pretty darned well.  Here is a pair taking a break on a window sill of our living quarters.

Skeeter-eaters surveying their realm
Trish tells me that she has hooked up the water hoses and brought out the big galvanized tubs, which make it easier for us to ensure all the dogs have water available 24/7.  She also says we have a visitor in the dog yard.  Apparently Trish's friend spied a stray walking along the highway near Jenny M Creek.  Janet opened her truck door, and "Found Dog" leaped right in without a second though.  Janet brought the dog to our place because we have a better facility for holding the stray until her owners can be tracked down.

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  1. Found dog a sled dog? If not how's the other dogs handling it?