Friday, August 2, 2013

Yesterday's crate, today's hen house

When I finished working yesterday, I had a shipping crate up on blocks nice and solid.

Shipping crate, in the midst of conversion
Today's first step was to add some framing for fascia and a door.

Framing cut and installed
Then we cut and added some fascia (sheathing), hung a door, re-purposed some milk crates for nesting boxes, and yesterday's shipping crate became our new hen house.  All it needs now is a roost, and I happen to have a step ladder leaning against the house that isn't safe for anything else, so I reckon that will also be re-purposed. 

Hen house, ready for occupancy

Trish is talking about paining it, which will certainly be an improvement in appearance, but the important point is that as soon as the chicks are ready they have a proper hen house in which to live.   

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