Monday, December 30, 2013

A Great Way to End the Year.

It was an interesting R&R for sure.  Of course there was the problem with the tractor, then a deep cold snap that kept Trish and I snuggled up in the house together.  Friday and Saturday were GREAT days for running dogs on trails they've not frequently run in the past.

On Friday, and again on yesterday, I did some tour runs for Just Short of Magic Sled Dogs, LLC. My 8 dog team on Friday did two back-to-back half-hour tours, with two passengers in the sled each run.  Their performance was pretty darned awesome in my mind.  Here is an approximately 1/2 hour video from the first of those runs. Sorry it ends so suddenly, the battery on my actioncam died as we were approaching the home stretch.

Yesterday's run was even better.  I had a heavier couple in my sled, weighing about 200 lb. each (400 lb. total).  I weight in a 180 before donning all my cold-weather gear, so the team was pulling about 580 or so pounds of weight with about two or three inches of new powder snow on the trail.

I chose to run a team of 10 dogs, and they astounded me.  The video shows a nice head-on pass and leaders that were spot-on in responding to their cues.  I couldn't be more proud of this team of dogs.

Alas, all good R&Rs must come to end, and I'll be spending New Year's Eve back at my workplace.  However, a cliffhanger is in order in this regard.  I'll be making an announcement about my employment situation very early next year - meaning within the next few days.  Until then, I'm wishing you good trails and safe travels.

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