Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tooth ache and a day in town.

While feeding the team I noticed that Amazing Grace wasn't eating with her usual level of exuberance.  That isn't necessarily unusual for her, sometimes she'll go off her feed for a day or two with no harm done, but this time seemed different.

Grace would grab a mouth full of kibble, walk to the opposite side of her circle and just drop it in the snow, ignoring the remainder of the meal.  She was enthusiastic about drinking her baited water, though.  This led me to suspect she might have a toothache, so I took her into town to see Dr. Mark May at Golden Heart Veterinary Services yesterday. Sure enough, she had a broken and partially rotted premolar that needed to come out and, after deep cleaning, Mark found an incisor that also needed to be extracted. 

Amazing Grace licking her lips after breakfast
She did well during the surgery and recovery from the anesthetic, spent the night in the house with no major issues, and this morning she's back out in the main yard.  She was a bit tentative about eating her soaked-kibble breakfast, but nonetheless made it all disappear, along with her 2-cup ration of water.

While in town we did some grocery shopping and I bought a light fixture to replace one that had burned out in our entryway.  We were also able to go get our newly repaired dog truck. 

The thermometer has plunged over the past 12 hours, and the forecast for the weekend is for more deep cold.  I'm not real sure what that might bode, but time will provide the answer.

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