Saturday, August 9, 2014


Chetan is currently wearing the "cone of shame" after a surgical procedure that we hope will result in the next generation of Hedlund Huskies in Alaska. Hedlund Huskies are a historical line of Alaskan sled dogs developed by Rose and Nels Hedlund of Lake Illiamna. They are remarkable due to their versatility and temperament. Hedlunds can haul freight, travel long distances or compete well in sled dog races, and often the same Hedlund husky can do all three. The Hedlund Husky is equally comfortable and content living in his or her owner’s home, in a kennel with numerous other dogs, or camped alongside a wilderness trail. Hedlund Huskies display affection toward, and seek affection from humans with whom they have bonded, but are rarely clingy or needy.  They are highly intelligent, especially in regards to problem solving.  The line is noted for producing a high proportion of 'natural' lead dogs.

Last week Chetan was surgically inseminated with frozen semen from To Point's Unknown's open country leader, Phoenix.  We chose this breeding because both dogs are beautiful examples of the line. They share only distant ancestors in their pedigrees and no ancestors known to potentially carry similar genetic disorders.

Next month we'll be able to perform an ultrasound examination to determine whether or not the attempted breeding "took". If so, we can expect a litter of new little Hedlunds in early October.

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