Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting Things Rolling

Just a week ago I wrote that we've been seeing some of the first, subtle signs of fall. The past few days we've enjoyed very chilly mornings, with low temperatures in the mid-30s (F). On Thursday, Lynn Orbison and I took advantage of the morning chill by running her 8 dog race team a few miles with a motorized four-wheeler. Of course, being the first run of the season everything took longer than we thought it would, so by the time we finished that run it was already too warm to run any other teams, but what the heck - training season is HERE!!! WhooHoo. This morning we will try to run another team a couple of miles.

This early in the year our little training runs are aimed at getting the dog's heads back into their game, and trying out some young dogs in the team. It's a learning opportunity for the youngsters and their mushers, as we try to figure out who wants to play, who doesn't, and which dog wants to run in which positions. We try to make it as much fun as possible for the dogs so they will be enthusiastic as the season progresses.

I finally got the lab results from the mass we found in Daisy's neck last month. It turned out to be "chronic active necrotizing ulcerative pyogranulomatous dermatitis and cellulitis." That's a lot of big words so say it is a benign lesion that can be induced by trauma, penetrating foreign bodies, ruptured cysts, extension of inflammation in adjacent areas or infectious agents. The important thing is that it is not cancerous and my darling Daisy should be just fine.


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