Monday, October 8, 2007

Visiting Cumberland Falls

I just returned home from a brief visit with my favorite certified canine behaviorist in Kentucky. I usually do my quarterly clinical training down there. I work in a dual role as a security officer and paramedic, and once each quarter spend time with a busier EMS system to keep my skills sharp. My company usually sends me to Georgetown, KY where I run with the Georgetown Scott County EMS. This time around I was sent down to get some paperwork filled out, and then had a couple of days to myself.

Janece and I took the opportunity to discuss some of the dogs in the sled dog rescue group where I volunteer and I assisted as she worked with a dog that has some interesting human-directed aggressive-defensive issues while on a leash. We also stole away for a very quick visit to Cumberland Falls.

Cumberland Falls is sometimes referred to as the "Little Niagara". It is the only place in the western hemisphere where a moonbow can appear. The "moonbow" is similar to a rainbow and can only be seen on a clear night under a full moon. We were there during the day time, so of course couldn't observe the moonbow, but I was able to capture a rainbow bridge that was a delight to my eye. It was almost as though the spirits wanted to give me a sort of consolation prize.

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