Saturday, April 5, 2008

Clever Girl

Last night I had Rose hooked up to an overhead cable trolley that stretches between the front door of my house and the edge of the woods. When I went to fetch her I got a bit of a surprise.

As I bent over to unhook Rose a gray streak flashed into my peripheral vision. When I looked up that gray streak came straight at me and leaped right at me. I barely had time to react, catching the wild creature in my arms.

That gray streak was Amazing Grace, the little race-type Alaskan husky I'm training for a close friend.

The photo above was shot last summer, when Grace was blowing coat.

Grace is a very young dog, not quite two years old. She's a real spark-plug, though. Full of energy, enthusiam, piss & vinegar. She is also very intelligent and has been running lead much of the season beside more experienced dogs. More often than not she responds to gee/haw cues more quickly and more reliably than her running mates.

She is also very clever. Clever enough to figure out how to open the latch on the pen door. I knew that she had done that while staying at her boarding kennel, but last night she figured out how to do it here at home.

Fortunately she isn't inclined to run away. She just wants to run, and the more room in which to run the merrier the game.

She spent the night in a crate in the house (her house manners are rather poor), and today I put her on the trolley where she happily trotting up and down the hill and enjoying the relative freedom that it offers.

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