Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lucky Lucky - or Dog in the Hen House

I'm back at my place of employment, earning a few bucks by protecting the pipeline from the ravages of crime, terrorism and disease. Based on the most recent news from the home front, at least one of my dogs had much more fun than I last night.

Torus and Lucky are boarding with my friend Lynn this time around, housed together in a pen that is the canine equivalent of a honeymoon suite at the Princess hotel. According to an Email I just read this morning, one of them (probably Torus) figured out how to open the pen gate, so they went walkabout , or perhaps a better term is run-amok.

Torus was quickly corralled by some bystanders who saw them bolting from the yard, but lucky Lucky found her way to the neighbor's chicken coop where she quickly discovered that chicken wire does a much better job of keeping chickens in than in keeping dogs out.

Lynn found Lucky in the nesting room of the chicken coop, where she was quite content to walk along viewing the 'goods' offered, and plucking the hens she found most desirable off the shelf. When Lynn showed up the easy-going girl did not protest. She merely smiled her doggie smile and belched in Lynn's face.

At this writing, the death toll is estimated at 24, plus or minus a couple.

Perhaps she was seeking revenge against the avian kingdom. The pheasant I wrote about a few days ago was still hanging out around the dog yard when I left for my place of employment. Now why in the heck a pheasant would want to hang out with a bunch of high prey-drive sled dogs is beyond my understanding. In any event, he spent most every evening and every morning strutting around the perimeter fence while the dogs responded in typical canine fashion - making every possible effort to capture and consume.

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  1. You can take the dog out of Dillingham, but you can't take the Dillingham out of the dog.

    Sorry about that!