Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Solstice

It's official. From this point on the days will bet getting shorter, the nights longer, and we Alaskans will start reminding each other that winter is coming, and will be here quickly. This morning the sun peaked over the horizon at 2:38 am and will not set tonight, but rather will dip below the horizon at 12:45 tomorrow morning. Of course this time of year we live under visible sunlight 24 hours per day.

In town, there will be live music at several venues, the Fairbanks semi-pro Goldpanners will play their annual baseball game through the middle of the night with no lights as none are needed.

Currently historical reenactors from around the State, and even from the Lower-48 are setting up their camps and settling in for the annual Alaska State Rendezvous. I'll be traveling down to join them on Wednesday, as I'll off-duty for R&R sometime after noon on Tuesday. Meanwhile, here at my place of employment the Summer Solstice is just another day.

Currently the woods, the wild roses are in full bloom. I have a lot of roses on my property at home and there are few here at my place of employment as well. Here is a photo I shot about 5 minutes ago just outside the front gate of this hardcore industrial facility.

As usual when at my place of employment, there just isn't a whole lot of news to share. One day follows the last and precedes the next as I mark time, earning the money needed to support my "real" lifestyle at home.

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