Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Dreary, Wet Day

Today was another in a string of dreary, overcast and very wet days. Today was even worse as it has been very chilly all day long. Chilly enough that I needed a jacket to be comfortable while doing dog yard chores. The poor dogs are covered in splattered mud, and spend more time curled up in their houses than out in the yard.

Local outdoor reporter Tim Mowry had an article in today's Fairbanks Daily New-Miner titled "You Know It's Been a Bummer of a Summer When...." Here are a couple of examples:

"You know it's been a bummer of a summer when you have to wear chest waders to work in your garden."

"You know it's been a bummer of a summer when you wear a personal flotation device when you go hiking."

"You know it's been a bummer of a summer when a float plane lands in your back yard"

Actually, I haven't reall thought of this as a bummer of a summer. It has been cooler than typical, but that's good for the dogs so I don't mind it. Those hot 90 degree days are really tough for critters with a heavy, double coat.

It's also been wetter than typical, but we can always hope that the precipitation will persist into fall and early winter, and we might finally get some decent snow for the trails.

Whether you look at it as a bummer or a Godsend, one thing is certain. The weather is going to do whatever the weather does, and there isn't one damned thing we can do to change it.

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