Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lovely Fall Days

I awakened yesterday morning with few specific plans, yet enjoyed a full and satisfying day nonetheless. Feeding Lucky and her puppies was a great joy in the morning. For the first time the puppies finished up their entire portion without help from Momma Dog. They were exceptionally cute as they waddled back into their house with fully extended bellies.

The water hose froze in the night, though. I ended up fetching water in a bucket to get everyone by until things could thaw. It’s looking more and more like an early autumn rather than late summer. The forecast is calling for more of the same.

Yesterday morning I went with Lynn Orbison to collect some dog yard gear. When Ray Redington Jr. sold his Two Rivers home he left behind a lot of posts and swivels. The new owners, Paul and Paula Douglas, gave them to us for our own use and for the sled dog rescue. We literally filled Lynn’s pickup with posts, swivels and a few miscellaneous items that still have plenty of use in them. Paul and Paula have a pair of beautiful rescued greyhounds that are healthy, active and adorable. Both are very friendly dogs and a delight to behold. With a huge, fenced back yard in which to run free I’m sure they are enjoying the time of their lives.

Back at home I used one of the new-used posts to repair the post that Torus so easily bent over to escape the day before I last returned to my place of employment. I just slid the larger post over the top of the old, flimsy one and pounded it down. I don’t think I’ll be having any more problems with it.

This morning the puppies received more red salmon than kibble in their gruel, and they gobbled it right down. It’s time I started giving them more chunky food in their gruel. I’ll do that by soaking kibble until it is “au dente”. Those kids have those needle sharp milk teeth, and they are trying them out on just about everything, including my fingers. It’s time they learned what teeth are for.

Late last winter I promised Jan DiNapoli that I would help her drill holes in some iron posts so she can make drop lines for more easily hooking up sled dog teams. Since I sometimes help her with her tourist runs I had good incentive to get this done, so I went by her place to do the job this morning.

Today was primary election, and there were several initiatives on the ballot. I went down and cast my vote, for what little it may be worth. Being registered as Alaskan Independence Party I didn’t have a chance to vote against either our crooked Senator Stevens or pandering Representative Don Young, but my time will come in November. I am thinking of launching a write in campaign for Darling Daisy for president. As a semi-retired lead dog, she is more qualified than either of the presumptive major party candidates. Enough of that, though.

Lucky has a vet appointment for a swollen hock tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise I have nothing specific planned for the day. Just another quiet day living in the company of the dogs.

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