Saturday, August 2, 2008

Puppie's Eyes Starting to Open, Kennel Chores

The morning was foggy and gloomy, but not actively raining so I was able to get quite a bit accomplished in the kennel. I cleaned the junk out of the straw storage area (now under the end of the canopy) and made a run to the dumpster station to get rid of some of the garbage. I moved Grace and Torus out of the pen attached to my house and moved them to posts in the yard so I could lay down some old straw in the pen in hopes of drying up or at least hiding some of the muck.

While I was working in the yard I gave all of the dogs a chance to run free for a bit, in pairs. They were all happy to stretch their legs a bit and all were well behaved.

When I gave Lucky her mid-day meal and performed the neuro exercises on the puppies I got a real treat. Three of the puppies, Capella, Orion and Cassiopeia are starting to open their eyes. It's a sure sign that our little ones are growing fast.

How fast? Let's look. The first picture below was taken of Lucky and the litter on the afternoon they were born. The second photo was taken this afternoon.

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