Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Illness Prompts Change of Plan

Yesterday I have the vague feeling that I might coming down with something, and today as I was feeding the puppies and watering the dogs there was no doubt that I'm just not feeling well. Although I'm still hoping to prevail, I may be coming down with some sort of an upper respiratory infection.

I decided a change of plans was in order. Rather than running the team I figured I'd go into town and run my errands now. It makes a physically easier day than running dogs, though it certainly isn't bedrest either. By doing the stuff now if I really do come down sick I won't have to waste another day trying to get ready to return to my place of employment. So, here's the list of stops I made in the "big city" of Fairbanks.

1. Fred Meyer for some groceries (especially citrus fruit), cold medicine and the grooming supplies I'll need for my place of employment.

2. Just Haircuts, to get my hair cut.

3. Key Bank, to make a deposit

4. JiffyLube, because I almost forgot that the registration on my car is due. It's a one-stop deal including the necessary I/M inspection and registration renewal.

5. Cold Spot Feeds, for dog food.

6. Lowe's, for some tools and supplies I want for my emergency dogsled repair kit.

7. Lynn Orbison's place, to drop off two bags of dog food she'll need to feed the dogs boarding with her while I'm away.

8. Pleasant Valley Store to buy gasoline and pick up my mail.

9. Home again - FINALLY.

It was more than enough. Now I'll fee my dogs, find something for me to eat (nothing sounds particularly appetizing), and turn into a vegetable for a few hours.

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