Friday, December 26, 2008

Flight Delays & Return to Employment.

Oh my, but the last week or so has been "interesting", as defined by the old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times."

We had been kept so busy tending to the dogs that neither Janece nor I had spent any time at all keeping up with current events. As she was preparing to leave for her Kentucky home Sunday I fired up the computer and learned that storms on the west coast had wiped out any semblance of normal airline travel schedules.

The harried agents of Alaska Airlines did a great job in trying to get her out on here previously scheduled flight, but couldn't do so in a way that would allow her to catch her next flight, so she ended up rebooking. She wasn't able to leave until last night, and according to the Delta Airlines flight tracker, she is even now late for her connection in Salt Lake City.

Janece spent most of Monday trying to deal with issues that her delayed return created in her businesses while I bustled about preparing to return to my place of employment. On the positive side, Janece was able to get in a couple of extra days of rest and actual relaxation and the most ill of the dogs were able to stay with her for a couple of extra days to enhance their recovery. By yesterday she reported that all of the dogs seem to be eating normally and are producing normal, firm stools - so it looks like the nasty virus has passed and the entire team has survived the disaster.

Things are very slow here at my place of employment, which is to be expected over the holidays. I got a bit side-ways with my employer but we were able to resolve the issue with a minimum of blood-shed. I'm not at liberty to share much more about that.

For the moment it seems as though things are as they should be. I can look forward to a few more quiet days before the early new year rush begins. I'll spend some of that time reflecting on the events of the past year, and preparing for the new one that seems to coming very quickly.

If nothing else, I can remind myself that the days are getting longer and summer is coming in just a few more months.


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