Saturday, December 20, 2008

Touch Wood

Touch wood, I think we've finally turned the corner. Even the most ill dogs are now eating heartily and I'm seeing more formed stool when I scoop the yard. It appears the dogs are on the road to recovery, and I am VERY grateful.

Yesterday Cassiopeia and Capella were demonstrating that degree of puppy exuberance and energy that is so delightful, and so frustrating. Trying to manage their antics before they totally destroy the house is at best a challenge. Today it's warm enough they can hang out in the main yard with their team mates, and I am so happy they can do so.

Janece was able to capture some nice images of the wee-ones yesterday during some of their quieter moments. I hope you enjoy them.

Cassiopeia "Down"

Capella "Sit"

Capella "Down"

'Pella's Grin

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