Monday, December 15, 2008

Illness in the Kennel

Damn, we have something going through the kennel that is a true vexation. Half of the dogs have seriously liquid diarrhea, a couple are vomiting, and none of them are particularly pert and perky. Maybe this is the virus that our vet was concerned might be affecting Beau before his surgery. In any event, there isn't going to be any running for them for at least a few days until we get everyone healthy and happy again.

It's certain we have a lot of dogs with roundworms, even though they were thoroughly de-wormed in October (sigh). Today I made the trip to town to buy a different type of de-wormer (Panacur as opposed to Strongid). Our thinking is that maybe these particular parasites are resistent to the former.

It's all very frustrating. Even if I weren't also injured, I couldn't put together a decent sled team out of this yard if I wanted to.

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