Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vet Visit

Torus needed to see Dr. Olson at Raven Veterinary Services for a chiropractic issue. He's been chewing at his front paws and running hunched over a bit, often signs of a neck or back issue. We also took little Cassiopeia in hopes that Jeanne could fit her in. Of all the sick dogs in the kennel she is most ill, and we wanted her checked out. Dr. O was very kind in allowing us to "plug in" a second dog on this visit. She is frequently too booked up to be able to accommodate someone with an issue like this.

Torus will be receiving monthly adequan injections. He did have a neck issue that Jeanne resolved with a very loud "crack" that startled Torus, and the humans. Otherwise she said his spine is remarkably sound for a leader of his age. At 63# he is carrying good weight for his frame. That was all good news at a time when we could really use some good news.

Cassie is doing "OK", but certainly not great. She's been refusing food for 3 days now but is reasonably well hydrated. Dr. Olson thinks this may be a relatively new variant of canine parvovirus (2C). You can learn more about the Canine Parvovirus 2C varient at the American Veterinary Medicine Association's web-site.

Although AVMA states that the vaccines from all 5 major manufacturers in the U.S. is effective against the variant, I must disagree. All of my puppies were properly vaccinated with fresh vaccines, and all three have been symptomatic of this nasty damned disease.

Meanwhile, we finished de-worming everyone with panacur tonight. Panacur is less convenient to administer than pyrantel (Sturgid), but is more effective against roundworms. This would certainly seem to be true against these particular worms, as the team was wormed with Pyrantal just a couple of months ago, yet their stool today is full of dead worms.

There is still plenty to worry about, but at least for the moment it looks like these issues are under control, or as close to under control as one can achieve in such circumstances.


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