Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog Food Delivery
The delivery truck from 49er Feeds just came by to deliver 10 bags of kibble and a gallon of fish oil for the mutts. This time of year the team goes through 1 bag of kibble every 3 days. The kibble I feed is a very high quality feed formulated for working dogs. The mild version, that I feed during the "off season" provides about 30% protein and 20% fat, which is plenty to maintain weight and health when the dogs aren't doing so much. The "hotter" version that I feed during winter provides 32% protein and 22% fat.

In addition to their kibble, my dogs are supplemented with probiotic and a bit of fish oil. The fish oil helps the probiotic survive the trip through the stomach so it can populate the gut with viable beneficial bacteria as well as providing essential fatty acids. When working during winter the dogs are also given fish or meat snacks frequently, to give them additional calories (and energy) and to help them maintain weight.

I'm not particularly brand loyal, but I do demand that the kibble I feed contain no corn. Amazing Grace has canine obessive compulsive disorder, and corn makes it worse.

House Cleaning
After watering and scooping this morning, I focused on some house cleaning tasks. I've been lax about floors the past week, so some sweeping, vacuming and mopping were in order. With some old-school traditional bluegrass breakdowns playing in the background, it's easy to get into a rhythm that makes sort work go quickly. Some time out to distribute some 'lovin's' to the dogs (in the form of treats in exchange for cued behaviors), I fired up the mower to cut the grass and weeds out in the dog's play area. With time to spare, I then headed out to collect some freebies.

A friend of mine is liquidating her kennel in order to move to Salida, CO. She has given me some of her housing equipment, so I went by her place today to pick up some swivels, posts and a big roll of chainlink fencing. All of those things will be put to good use keeping Stardancer dogs confined at home, rather than going runamok through the neighborhood.

Finishing Up the Day!
Once back at the house I unloaded the trailer, fed the dogs, scooped the yard and watered the fuzz-butts. Then I turned my attention toward my own appetite. (You might have noticed I didn't mention any meals in the today's litany of events). I fired up the grill out on the deck to grill a nice steak, dished up some potato and macaroni salad, and ate nearly as quickly as Seamus (winner of the Valley Funale Hungry Pup contest).

Although it's early, there isn't much worth watching on the television this evening, so I think I'll put on a movie and veg out for a couple of hours before putting myself to bed. With no firm plans for tomorrow, I suspect it will be similar - just another wonderful day in paradox.

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