Saturday, July 11, 2009

Noisy Pups but Quiet Day

Poor Capella had an oogie stomache last night. She vomited up her supper, and later drank too much water and vomited that as well. Today she's gotten very limited amounts of food and water and thus far seems to be doing OK with it. Silly Cassie (Cassiopeia) has been very noisy. She apparently doesn't approve of being confined to a crate in a nice cool house. She'd rather be out roughhousing with her buddy Abner or some of the other dogs. Consequently I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. She's been much better this afternoon. I think she's finally figured out that screaming won't open the door to the crate.

I've been letting them out on a trolley tether, alternating an hour each. There is nothing to jump on out front of the house, and nothing exciting enough to make them want to overexert themselves. Their incisions are healing very nicely so I'm pleased with their progress. Mostly I'm hoping Cassie will let me get some decent sleep tonight, though. Such is life with young dogs. They need to learn, and it takes time for them to do so. I wish I could bottle up about half their energy for myself.

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