Monday, July 20, 2009

Where Were You?

Where were you on this day, 40 years ago?. I was at a friends house watching the event of a lifetime unfold on his family's black and white television. I remember gazing at this photograph when it was originally published in LIFE magazine. WOW!!! It's sometimes hard to believe it was 40 years ago, eh?

Back then the space program had EVERYONE'S attention. Even those who were opposed to the program due to the expense had grudging respect for the accomplishments, and they were major accomplishments indeed. One would be very hard pressed to think of any sort of today's technology that was not profoundly affected by the race to the moon.

The memories are a nice diversion on "preparing to go back to my place of employment" day. I started the day with a trip to town for my monthly haircut. I've been using the same barber since, oh - about forever. It's a regular social tradition. Joe asked what I want, and I reply "Make me look like a republican." We share news and gossip of mutual acquaintances and friends, solve the economic problems of the world (if only those idiots in Juneau, Washington DC and/or the United Nations would only listen), and before you know it I look like a republican and I'm out the door.

Next stop, Image Optical to repair the left temple of my spectacles. I bought this frame shortly after I needed to wear bifocals because it is very similar to spectacle frames of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The round lenses look pretty good on me, but most importantly they fit in with my historical reenactment activities. On the down side, they are very uncommon today, and finding parts is a real bear. I may have to spend big bucks to replace them soon.

Next stop was a drive-by at the bank to deposit a check, then off to the box store to pick up some apple cider vinegar (one of my dogs needs it for kidney issues) and to pick up my prescriptions. From there it was off to Raven Veterinary Service. I needed to pick up some thyroxine (thyroid medicine) for two of my dogs, but the order hasn't arrived yet. Dr. Olson gave me enough 0.3 mg tyroxine to get them by a few days (two pills each morning and each evening for each of the dogs).

Back to the house and a quick bite of lunch, then start packing the car with all the "stuff" I take to keep my brain occupied while on the job. That includes some materials for a project, some reading material, and so forth. Next a quick trip to Pleasant Valley Store and the post office, picking up the last of the mail. Finally I started loading up dogs to go to their boarding kennels.

It was a long day, but everything went more smoothly than I deserve to expect. Tomorrow I'm off to my place of employment, 'cause someone has to pay for the kibble.

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  1. G'day Swanny - I have been following your blog everyday and enjoying keeping up with the summer dog issues and "general issue comments". By the time you get back the days will really be getting shorter. Watch out for the bears!! Regards, AussieAlaskan