Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy B'Day Yearlings!

It's official. The puppies aren't puppies any longer. Today is the Stardancer litter's first birthday. Capella, Cassiopeia, Orion, and their three littermates in Kyle Belleque's Nushagak Kennel are now officially yearlings.

At 1 year of age they are all of nice size. Last R&R the females weighed 52 and 54 lb. (23.5 & 24.4 kg) and Orion tipped the scale at 60 lb. (27.2 kg). They have all enjoyed several little puppy runs and are happy and eager to run in harness. They are well socialized with both humans and dogs and generally seem to be well rounded young pups. I can hardly wait for the weather to start cooling so fall training can begin and we can start integrating the yearlings into the team.

Here are some recent pictures of the Birthday Kids:

First, we have Cassiopeia (aka "Cassie")

Next, Capella (aka 'Pella)

Finally, the big boy Orion:

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  1. G'day Swanny - that is a good photo of Orion - he looks to have long legs and a deep chest - it will be interesting to see how big he gets but I could imagine he will be able to run. His head looks to be held quite low - is that his normal stance? Very interesting.