Friday, July 31, 2009


The past week and 1/2 has been much busier than I am accustomed to here at my place of employment. Enough so that I'm tempted to actually refer to it as my workplace.

Most of the activity has been a result of increased haul road traffic as workers go to and from special summer projects. We've had a couple of projects of our own at my worksite as well. Although I haven't had any medical responses, two of my coworkers up north responded to medical emergencies in a single night.

The issue of the week, actually of the month, is dense choking smoke from area wildfires. Yesterday was especially bad as the smoke resulted in the worse air quality of the summer in Fairbanks. If anything, the smoke is even more dense at my location, a higher elevation adjacent to the White Mountains National Recreation Area.

As occurs all too frequently, the demands of my job require that I miss a really cool show in Fairbanks, but maybe some of my readers can enjoy it in my stead. The famous Lipizzaner Stallions will be performing this weekend at the Carlson Center.

This tour of duty will be 1 week longer than typical. On Tuesday I will leave here for a site on the banks of the Yukon River, where I'll be filling in for one of my co-workers. In exchange, he will work a week for me in October, allowing me to do my quarterly clinical training location in Kentucky without loosing precious fall training time for the team.

Basically, if no news is good news, then this blog entry is just filled with it. Mostly, life goes on day to day with very little worthy of note.

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