Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Abner Update - Out of Surgery

I received word last night that Abner was in surgery for about 2 hours yesterday afternoon. He was with Dr. Olson at her clinic recovering from the anesthesia. Dr. Olson reported that the prognosis is good.

I was off duty from my place of employment at 6, went straight to the house, grabbed a too-short nap and then moved half my team from one kennel to another, as I had been asked to do. It was depressing, but then I've been bummed out over Abner's accident and resulting relationship issues anyway, so it was just part of the same process. I won't be sharing any details, but will just note that things were said that can't be unsaid, and things were done which can't be undone. You probably know how it is when strong wills collide.

Today I fly off to Kentucky for a week of clinical training and a visit with my girlfriend. We both need the time together. We've both been badly hurt over this affair and need a chance to grieve and heal together.

Good News!! It looks like it's finally starting to freeze up and snow. When I return I should be able to get things together to start running the dogs regularly, out of our own kennel. That should help everyone's attitudes immensely.


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  1. Swanny, I have several ladies praying for both you and your dog. They enjoy reading about your Alaskan life. I do hope that Abner does well. May I ask, What will happen now? Can a three legged dog pull a sled, or is he now bound to be a yard dog? My own two mutts are really a hand full for me, but I love them too much to let em go. I keep threatening to send them to you, up there, when they get too rowdy. Macon is really too large to be a motel dog so we hope we can move into a camper soon where I can walk both of them more often. Macon is still a growning pup and with a lab Mom we have no idea how large he's going to end up being.