Monday, October 5, 2009

Ain't that JUST Like a Monday!?!

Yep, today was definitely Monday.

Lynn O and I ran two teams of dogs, in spite of some issues with the four-wheeler. They were both a bit difficult due to leader issues, so between the machine and the dogs we had - um - issues.

It certainly wasn't all bad, though. Once things got rolling down the trail the dogs performed well, pulling strongly and keeping up a nice pace. They are already getting notably stronger, and are responding to their cues with more confidence.

I can't avoid it any longer - the four-wheeler needs a full set of tires. That's the bad news. The good news is I can get them tomorrow for a very reasonable price. They will be new tires originally installed on machines sold to guys who wanted to replace them with more aggressive tread designs. The machine also needs some carburetor adjustment which I'll try to have them do at the same time. It will cost some money, but not much training time as I need to make a run into town for several errands anyway, so I'll just do that tomorrow rather than when originally planned, and then run dogs on Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is my training journal entry for today. Enjoy a few chuckles at our expense:

Monday, October 5, 2009:
3 mile. PV Road to Paw Print Path to Schoen’s field to Lake Trout (I think), first gee to take long way around to Anders St. to the power line and back into Lynn’s fron yard.

First Attempt: * Designates one of Lynn’s dogs.
Nels and Torus (Lead)
Nelix* and Capella (Swing)
Seamus and tiger* (team)
Sheenjek and Cassiopeia (Wheel)

About three steps into the run Nels “went puppy” and tried to turn around to play with the dogs behind, resulting in a big tangle, so we tried changing things to….

Torus and Nelix
Nels and Capella
Seamus and Tiger
Sheenjek and Cassiopeia

Before we could even get going Torus and Nelix got into a fight, so we changed things to…..

Torus and Tiger
Nels and Capella
Seamus and Nelix
Sheenjek and Cassiopeia

That finally worked. We changed up the route some and the leaders did a great job of responding to their cues. The dogs were great in spite of some issues with the four-wheeler.

We encountered two or three spruce grouse along the way, and Capella was pretty sure she could catch one if it weren’t for the darned tug and necklines getting in the way. Both puppies ran very well today.

I saw Nels pacing at one point in the run, but I think it because the speed wasn’t right for him to be quite comfortable in a trot, as he trotted before and after with no signs of difficulty in his gait.

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