Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun Times

It's been a bit busy today, but thus far it has all been doing fun stuff.

To start my morning I breakfasted the team and scooped the yard. Then I dashed off to a small gathering of American Civil War reenactors just a few miles down the road from home, to sell some black powder.

That finished, I loaded up a team and took them over to my friend Lynn's place to train. I'll post the entry in my training journal below. After training I went back to the ACW gathering to see if there were any more potential customers, and now I'm home taking a short breather.

In about an hour or so I'll feed the team and scoop the yard, and then head over to our friend Jame's new home. James just closed on his house on thursday, spent last night there, and tonight plans a barbecue to celebrate.

Okay - here's the training report:

Saturday, October 3, 2009:

3 miles, same route as before. Max speed 13.6 MPH. Average speed 7.8 MPH.

Grace & Just (Leaders)

Abner & Regine (Jame’s dog)

Nels & Minni (Lynn’s dog)

Orion & Beau

I rearranged the team structure just a wee bit so that we are running 2 yearlings on each of my teams, rather than 1 yearling on one team and 3 on the other. Truly I have trouble remembering that young Abner is only a yearling rather than a two year old.

Grace took the haw onto Jean Joyce Ln just fine, and took the “straight ahead” to go past the cut-off trail. Gee onto Ander’s Rd. was perfect. Had trouble getting them to do “straight ahead” for the road by the store, though. Same as the first run. They were spot-on their gee/haw cues for the rest of the run.

Abner ran next to Regime (another young dog) and both were pretty well behaved and had a great time on the trail. Minni scotched at Nels once, but quickly got over it. They also ran like pros though Nels got pretty hot by the time we stopped two miles into the run.

Little (tongue in cheek) Orion worked his little butt off the whole run. He was also quite hot when we stopped for a breather, and I know he must have been tired, but he never came off his tugline that I saw. Beau is a “plug and play” dog, you can run him in any position on the team, even in lead sometimes, and he works just as hard in one position as in any other. They were a lovely team to run today.

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