Friday, October 2, 2009

Another day

Yesterday I ran my second 6-dog string, following the same route as the first run of the season. Here is what I wrote in my training journal:

Thursday, October 1, 2009:

3 Miles, same route as the first team yesterday. Max speed 12.1 mph. Average speed 8.6 mph.

Abner (Yearling) and Torus – Lead
Capella (Yearling) and Rose
Cassiopeia (Yearling) and Swift (Lynn’s little dog)
Sheenjek and Oz (Lynn’s dog) – Wheel

Difficult hook up because I didn’t keep Torus hooked to the “line out” chain. Lynn got a bet beaten up by these young dogs. Once we got moving it was a GREAT first run for this team.

Torus had to push Abner into the first haw, but that’s to be excpected with such a young dog running up front. The rest of the run there were no problems with cues at all. In fact, the thing that makes the run so remarkable is that it was so UNremarkable.

One BIG difference is that I had a miniature camcorder on for this run, so I found some nice music, and put it all together into a five minute video. I hope you enjoy it.

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