Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy in the Bluegrass State

I'm currently in Kentucky, doing a clinical rotation with the Georgetown Scot County EMS. Yesterday was my first day of this 4-day rotation, and we were very, very busy. An interesting mix of patients ranging from a heart attack to a fractured femur, a raging case of apparent H1N1 flu, and some other odds and ends of ailments thrown in for good measure.

A frequent poster on one of my favorite living history forums,, has pass on to the next realm. The news has only added to my depression as I was very much looking forward to meeting him in Wisconsin next month.

October has not been a particularly joyful month thus far. It would be really, really nice to get some GOOD news for a change.

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  1. Hi Swanny - sorry to read your news today - hope things are looking up for November. I am still waiting for snow in Fairbanks and hope to catch up late this month.