Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Night

As I write it is about 8:30 in the evening.  The sun is high in the northwestern sky, and it's quite warm, about 75 degrees F (24 C).  The stinkbugs are out in force, earlier one of the windows of my guard shack was just covered in them.  The mosquitoes, aka "skeeters" are also out in force along with some of my favorite skeeter-eaters. 

Among my favorite skeeter-eaters are the cliff swallows that frequent my workplace.  Each May they return to build nests their nests, raise their young and eat LOTS of skeeters.  They are incredibly aerobatic and just a lot of fun to watch.  Did I mention that they also eat a lot of skeeters?  The certainly don't have to worry about starvation in these parts, either.

All of the trees and most of the brush is now fully leafed out, and the grass and other ground cover is tall enough to hide the brown, dead stuff left over from last fall.  I suspect that I should probably put grass mowing on my list of projects for my upcoming R&R.

Oops - need to cut this short and attend to business.  I'll have to write more another time.

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