Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unusually Short "R&R"

I got off work at 6 am yesterday morning, and headed to the house feelin' exhilarated by some projects I've been planning for some time, not the least of which is construction of the new handler's cabin on the property.  Although the project will probably continue forward as planned, I'm afraid I won't be here to see it. 

I was awakened by a phone call, telling me I am needed back at work.  More specifically, I'm needed at Pump Station #9, south of Delta Junction.  There was apparently an incident with the new electrical-powered remotely operated pumping equipment that resulted in "up to several thousand barrels" of oil spilling into a diked containment area in the pump station's tank farm. 

Normally workers at Pump Station #9 rely upon the Delta Rescue Squad for EMS covereage, so they don't have a regular medic on duty at that location.  I was able to beg enough time to show Allen and Aliy where I want the cabin to sit, but then I'll be on the road for the 100 mile drive to my new temporary work location. 

Ironically, a CNN news report states the problem occurred when "a battery failed to control the valve when power was switched from the main grid during Alyeska's tests."  Failure of a battery in a remotely operated BOP system is being implicated in the TransOcean Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

I have no idea when I'll get any time off, or even if I'll have internet access available.  Please don't worry if you don't hear from me for a while - it's just a matter of me being otherwise occupied.  

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