Monday, May 31, 2010

Delta Debacle

So, I've been down here in Delta Junction almost a week, and will be here at least one more.  I've been promised at least 1 full day off before I have to return to Pump Station 7, in which I'll wash laundry, check mail, pay bills, get my haircut, buy supplies, check on the dogs and pay my boarding bill, and so forth.  With a wee bit of luck I might be able to steal half an hour or so to enjoy a cold bottle of ale, but that's kind of questionable. 

Alyeska and the various contractor companies have done a good job responding to the emergency.  Much of the immediate clean up work has been done, the line is moving oil again, and plans have been made for the long term clean-up of oil that saturated the gravel and probably soaked down to the impermeable liner of the containment area.  No one has been injured, no wildlife has been oiled, and nothing spilled into unprotected areas.  There is a major investigation into the causes of the incident, which haven't been fully explained yet. 

There are several photos of the incident available on the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company website.

There is no question that a medic is needed to stand by at an event such as this, even though my services have not been in high demand.  The risks are fairly obvious.  Most of what I've been doing is standing by, but I have performed several respiratory fit tests to ensure that employees who must work in hazardous atmosphere are adequately protected by their gear. 

Unfortunately, being here means I'm missing a MAJOR event at home, as Allen Moore and Aliy Zirkle have begun construction on the new handler's cabin.  Aliy sent me a couple of photos showing the site prep work and the footings that were poured to support the new building.  It is SO nice to see that they are making progress and are off to very good start. 

Unfortunately, internet access in my rented accommodation is via Hughesnet, and frankly, the service sucks.  Access is at best catch as catch can, and I can't more than I can.  I'm going to try to publish what I have now, and if I can do so I'll try to add another photo later.

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