Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Flip of a Coin

Things have gone so well with the emergency at Pump Station #9 that the emergency response part is over, and the long-term clean-up project is beginning.  That means a medic is no longer needed on station during the night shift and THAT meant that one of us could go home and perhaps salvage a bit of R&R.

The problem was deciding which one of us.  We have both lost an equal amount of R&R thus far, we both had other important plans for our time, and we have more or less equitable seniority with the company.  There was only 1 truly fair way to determine who should be released and who should continue to wear the shackles.

First, we dug through our pockets and realized that neither of us were carrying any change, so we marked together into the mobile command trailer, borrowed a quarter and flipped it into the air.

It landed with a clink and spun on edge finally to topple over, showing 'heads'.  (sigh) I lost the coin toss, so I'll be here through Saturday.  At least I'll have two days off to prepare for my next tour of duty.

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  1. No luck, eh, Swanny? I guess you are looking forward to checking out progress at your place - even briefly. How irritating!! :-) Cheers, Terry