Monday, August 23, 2010

C 4 Yourself

Ted and I ran dogs again this morning, and today we were able to make the video cameras work.  I thought you might enjoy seeing how well the dogs performed on only their second little four-wheeler training runs this morning.

Each of the two teams ran 1 mile, up around the neighbor's place and back.  They are remembering their trade, and their behavior this morning was already much improved over yesterday.

This first team consisted of Grace and Just in lead, Nels and Cassiopeia in team and Beau and Sheenjek in wheel.  Sheenjek wears his freighting harness, as I don't own any other style of harness in a size that will fit the ol' Megamutt.

The second team included Torus and Rose in lead, Gump and Capella in team and Seamus and Orion in wheel.  Capella slipped out of her collar as we were leaving the yard, so she ran without a neckline for half of the trip without any problems at all.  I apologize for the sound quality on this video.  It was shot with a different camera than the first, and the microphone doesn't work as well as one might hope.

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