Monday, August 23, 2010

The Newest Member of the Stardancer Team..... Teddy

Introducing Ted Kirby

Ted has been a part of the team since the first of July, but I'm afraid I've only now captured a photo to share.  Ted Kirby is our dog handler.  While I'm away from home he is in charge of the team, doing everything necessary to properly care for a team of sled dogs.  He feeds, waters, scoops poop, trains, plays with and provides for the dogs every need.  Since he's started he's been involved in helping with the installation of new pens and posts, spreading copious quantities of wood chips, taken dogs to town for veterinary care, assisted with vaccinations, helped paint his cabin, and more.

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to recruit an experienced handler.  Ted worked for several years handling for Earl and Natalie Norris' world famous "Howling Dog Farms"- known internationally for their work with the famous Anadyr Siberian huskies.  Ted's arrival here marks his return from "back East", where he fell in love and married his sweetheart Clare.

Clare is a most adventurous woman - who was married on a Saturday and on Sunday found herself en route to an unknown sled dog kennel and an unfathomable lifestyle as a school teacher, wife and sometimes kennel assistant.

I am very fortunate to have recruited Ted and his remarkable wife.  The dogs all love them both and Ted is proving to be a helluva good hand, and a helluva good dog man.

Ted At Work, Bright and Early This Morning.

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