Saturday, April 23, 2011

Break Up Continues

I just came in from feeding, scooping and loving up on the dogs.  The temperature here at the house is currently 58 degrees F (14.4 C).  The dog yard is just a little bit sloppy.

Today's spring scrubbing chore was to do the entryway into the house.  Although it's a small space, a lot happens in that small space.  Outdoor clothing is stored there, along with all the various things I might want to grab on my out the door or coming into the house.  During winter it is filled with heavy winter clothing and dog mushing gear.  During summer I need jackets, bug dope, break-up boots, rain gear and so forth.  The seasonal transition of the entryway takes quite a bit more one would think.  For example, today's duties included sorting, laundering and drying my winter gear so it can be stored without stinking up the house.  All of those left hand glove liners with no right handed mate needed to be found and tossed, the flash lights and head lamps stored in their proper drawer (above the now mated gloves), all the dog treats consolidated into one area, all the grooming supplies into another.  Hardware had to be removed from the winter's accumulation of chewed up or otherwise damaged neck lines and tug lines, and then put away.  All the harnesses that were lying about needed to be stowed away, and finally the floor needed a MAJOR scrubbing. 

The result is a reasonably tidy and clean entryway that will serve the function I most need it to serve.

That leaves the bedroom (which I rarely use as a bedroom) and my office for tomorrow.  I suspect that will be a long day of cleaning, especially the office.  I have a huge stack of paperwork in there that will need to be sorted, some filed and some hauled away to the dumpster station.  Heck of a way to spend a holiday, but Easter really doesn't quite fit into my religious beliefs anyway.

Ted is also doing a lot of clean up in his dog yard, which of course gets his dogs excited which gets my dogs' attention.  Here is a photo I captured of Capella as she studied the 'goings on' up hill from the "big house".

Because the yard is so wet and muddy, most of the dogs are spending quite a bit of time either inside or on top of their houses.  One of the reasons for using flat-roofed houses is to give dogs an elevated platform on which to rest.  In this photo Torus (center) is taking full advantage of his house to oversee his realm.  Cassiopeia (left) looks on from a relatively dry spot.  Chinook (right) is doing his level best to ignore everyone else.

I'll be returning to work on Tuesday, so I only have a couple more days to finish up my spring cleaning project.  Hopefully by the time I return home for my next R&R some of the slush and muck will have melted away and dried up, and we can run some dogs with the four-wheeler.  It's not the same as on a sled, but it sure beats hanging around doing nothing.

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