Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Tradition

Happy Easter

It all started as a prank.  I was maybe 12 or 13 years old or so and decided to pull a prank on my younger siblings.  Well before dawn one Easter morning I grabbed up my trusty .22 rifle and headed afield.  At about the time I knew my sister and brother would be awake, but too early for my mother to stir, I returned with the makings of supper.  I explained to the younger kids how I'd seen this bunny hopping about, hiding eggs.  He made a perfect target so I nailed him.

At 9, old enough to know that the Easter Bunny was no real than Santa Claus or government assistance, my sister picked up on the prank right away.  My brother, being only 6 or so, was not yet so enlightened.  Thus my announcement set forth a horrified shriek of combined grief, disbelief and terror.  To that extent, the prank was successful, HOWEVER...

My mother didn't take too kindly to being awakened by a howling kid.  Once she sorted out the facts of the matter she responded in typical motherly fashion, consoling my brother, whipping my ass with a willow switch, and then dressing the rabbit to fry up for supper.

For quite a few years I maintained the tradition of an annual Easter morning rabbit hunt.  I'm not particularly inclined to head afield with a .22 rifle this morning, but should Mr. Rabbit decide to upset the dog yard and hop through the yard, I will have no problem maintaining this irreverent albeit delicious tradition.  Besides, baked young rabbit fits into my diet much better than do chocolate eggs and jelly beans.

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