Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is He, or Ain't He?

This afternoon Ted came over to the "big house" and said "So, you think Beau is a little thin?"  He was of course referring to this morning's blog posting

I responded, "You don't?" and the conversation began from there. 

I've been focusing on Beau's spine and a relatively thin fat pad over his hips.  Ted noted that his ribs are very well padded.  This evening I gave him (Beau) a thorough nose to tail tip check out, and sure enough even though there is a minimal fat pad over his hips, his ribs do seem to be well padded.  That prompt's tonight's question - is he a bit heavy, or a bit thin? 

I haven't encountered this before, so for now I plan to maintain him at about his current weight, and we'll just have to see what happens from there.  If he's half heavy and half thin I'm guessing he is probably just about right. 

Spring cleaning continues on schedule.  Other than tonight's supper dishes, the kitchen is now presentable.  I'll deal with those dishes in just a few minutes.

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