Monday, June 20, 2011


It's Monday morning, and I'm easing into the day with a good cup of coffee.  Today I have to run a few errands in preparation of returning to my job, and of course there are is a plethora of stray thoughts rambling around in my head.

The dogs continue to be more testy than I'm accustomed to seeing.  During the past week I've had to intervene in more squabbles than in the previous year or more.  Chinook and Rose got into it in a pretty serious way, and Rose has a laceration to her muzzle to show for it.  Chinook is now housed on a post, making it easier for neighboring dogs to disengage.  Torus is in the pen with Rose, and they are getting along fine.  Last night I had to break up a squabble between Cassiopeia and her brother Midnight's Son.  They are still together in their pen and act as though nothing ever happened.

Puppy Innoko has also required some additional management.  He chewed a hole in the heavy galvanized chain link between two pens and when caught was half-way into the neighboring pen.  Maybe I should have named him "Jaws".  In any event, I moved him out to a post while I repair the pen and he promptly got into a very loud and rather prolonged squabble with Orion.  It was escalating to the point where I had to physically break them up.  For now, Innoko is also on a post, neighboring Orion and Chinook and I've added repair of that pen to my list of things to be done today before I have to dash off to work.

About the only dogs in the yard that haven't engaged in at least a heated argument are Selene and Beau.  That particular pen is nothing but love though last night Beau did snark at Selene when she was overly persistent in wanting to play.  Seamus and Just have been on good terms and I haven't heard anything untoward coming from Capella and Nels, who are also housed together.

I think what they really need is a good, long run.  Unfortunately the warm weather just doesn't permit us to safely go out on the trail.  Once the weather breaks we should be able to get them out and about some, which will almost certainly help.  A tired dog is usually a well behaved dog.  If time permits I may let give them a chance to runamuck in the play yard later today.

State Crack Down on Wolfdogs?

According to an article appearing in today's issue of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Alaska State Troopers have  cited 3 Southcentral Alaskans for the illegal possession of wolf hybrids without a permit.  Just a few months ago a Healy man received a similar citation, but the district attorney's office chose to not prosecute that case.

There has been some concern expressed by other members of the Hedlund Husky Preservation Project, as Hedlund Gray Huskies do have some "old wolf" in their background.  The most recent known breeding of a wolf hybrid in this line was at least 6 generations ago, and none of the current kennels involved in the project have any interest in interjecting any more.  I really don't believe this will be an issue for us. 

Fire Danger Greatly Reduced

Recent rains have allowed firefighters to get a pretty good handle on area wildfires, and they've been able to reduce the size of the crews working those fires.  You can read more about the reduction in status of the fires by clicking HERE.

More "Before and After"

I recently posted some "before and after" pics of my kennel improvement efforts, but I haven't posted "before and after" pictures of my musher improvement efforts.  As followers of the blog may be aware, I've been on a serious weight loss diet since November 1st.  Here are some photos to demonstrate the results. 

First, my appearance at this this time last year (at work):
Summer, 2010
Now, a photo I shot yesterday.
Summer, 2011

It's time for me to dash off to town to get my haircut, pick up drugs from the pharmacy, collect supplies for work, and talk to a man about a tractor.  See ya' later.


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