Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Improvements

If time weighs heavily upon you just put together a sled dog team.  You'll never again lack for something productive to do.  As of this evening I've checked several additional projects off of my list.  I've finished renewing the wood shavings to all of the pens and circles, I've built and installed a new tool shed to store and organize the various long-handled tools needed to maintain the kennel, and I've built and installed a new gate. 

Here are a couple of photos to show how the kennel is shaping up this year.

New gate and tool shed

Tool shed in service

Indoors, I hired the daughter of a friend who is a very good carpenter and handy-woman to install some new light fixtures in the entry hallway, replacing the old fluorescent tube fixtures with more modern and allegedly more efficient lights, and repaired a leak in the plumbing in my utility room. 

I only have one more task on my summer project list, which is to clear a bunch of black spruce trees away from the house.  That can wait for another R&R as this one is winding down.  I'm also waiting to decide whether I want to buy that tractor, which allegedly has enough power to knock most of those pesky trees right down.

Meanwhile, I've eaten my supper, taken some ibuprofen, and I'm hearing a hot shower calling my name.  There won't be any Saturday night on the town partying for Ol' Swanny tonight - the brain may be willing but the body just can't hack it.  My back is reminding me that I am not eighteen years old, and haven't been for quite a few years.

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