Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Headin' for the House

I'm actually writing this a bit early, but have it scheduled so the computer will post it as I'm leaving my workplace for home.  It's time for another two weeks of "R&R" before I return to do it all over again. 

I have plenty to do this R&R, but they are generally tasks that don't require a lot of advanced planning or precise execution.  A lot of them are just routine maintenance chores that need to be done from time to time.  Even with a pretty good "to do" list at hand, I plan to have some fun as well.  My fly rod is in the back of the car ready for some action and I'm feelin' a hunger for fresh trout, grayling or arctic char.  I know of some trails that need to be scouted out, especially out in "the park" (Chena River State Recreation Area) and it would be easy enough to combine a trail scouting and fly fishing trip.  If the weather stays cool I could do some short sled dog runs on wheels to help keep brains engaged and help some of my younger dogs learn more and better how to perform their jobs. 

Damn.  That reminds me that I still need to sort through a bunch of equipment and start preparing my sleds for the winter season. 

If things have gone along as planned while I've been away, my new little tractor should be delivered shortly.  That will make easy work of moving the poo-pile, filling in a few holes, doing some driveway maintenance and perhaps removing some brush and small black spruce trees to make the place a bit more defensible against wildfires.  If the machine is as capable as I think I may even try to cut 50 or 60 yards of side-trail off of my feeder to provide yet another "gee/haw" option as we leave the yard on trainng runs. 

Certainly my aching shoulders and back would benefit from a good soak in the rock pool at Chena Hot Springs Resort.  It's been a long while since I've done any sort of serious target practice with my traditional flintlock muzzleloaders, and with an historically authentic moose hunt planned for November, I would do well to fire more than just a few rounds. 

The dog box on the truck could use a couple of coats of paint, and my canoe desparately needs some sanding and some varnish.  The new tool shed also needs paint, and it occurs to me that the trim and garage door on the house are both looking awefully weather-worn. 

There are some dog houses that could benefit from some repairs, and...  and...  and....

And maybe I should stop writing about this before I create a longer "honey do" list than I actually have time to accomplish.

The sun is setting earlier and rising later each day.  Summer is short and winter is coming fast.  As a general rule any task requiring warm weather needs to be finished by the end of August. 
It seems like a lot of activity, and I suppose it is.  That duly noted, it honestly does represent recreation as I'll be doing things for the benefit of my dogs and I, things that make our home place more attractive or more comfortable.  As far as the "rest" part of the equation - well, there'll be time enough to rest after I die.  I have far more important things to do while living.

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